Outsource Accounting Services to G2 BOOKKEEPING to Work Smarter and Grow Bigger

Poor accounting processes pose as a threat to investors, lenders and stake holders associated with a business. While, sound accounting system in place easily allows companies to make proper and timely business decisions.

You may be an expert in your services and products, but you cannot run through every area of your business continuously. Here is where you need G2 BOOKKEEPING, your professional accounting team. With our specialized range of accounting services, we aim to fulfil your company’s accounting requirements and demands by offering you customised accounting strategies and paperless solutions that fit your business seamlessly.

Our Accounting Services Ensure that You Have Tax-Ready Financial Statements All the Time

If you have a running business, be it a small sized or multi-national sized, be it a product based or service based, you need accounting and 米乐体育m6官网. In fact, in order to effectively monitor your business performance and make decisions based on it, you definitely require reliable, accurate and regular financial information year long. Our team of qualified accountants understand this crucial business aspect, so they work towards in providing extensive and accurate financial and accountancy management to our clients.

By partnering with G2 BOOKKEEPING you will be benefited with paperless accounting system, professionally delivered with premium data security and confidentiality, while allowing you to focus on your core business areas.

Accounting Services: We Rely on A Concept of Adapting to Client’s Needs, Budget and Business Requirements

Ourbroad range of services and customised solutions is built to suit diverse business requirements:

  • Accounting and 米乐体育m6官网

    We have a large team of seasoned financial and accounting experts that is as good as any in-house accounting team. Before providing solutions, we take time to go through and analyse your exact accounting needs and market condition, and then plan a strategy to be implemented. We take care of

    • Closing statements, such as balance sheet, profit & loss accounts, asset management etc.
    • Reporting: general ledger, receivables/payables, petty cash book, bank reconciliation and cash flow statements
    • Budgeting and forecasting
    • Financial health report generation
    • Order processing
    • Annual, Half-yearly and quarterly financial statements
  • Financial Statement Preparations

    Tax preparations and auditing processes could be super hectic and cumbersome. However, with G2 BOOKKEEPING’s affordable and accurate financial statement preparations put your worries to rest in peace.

    Our trained management team can effectively manage your financial data and provide financial statements and reports such as balance sheets, income statements etc. on a real time basis.

    We follow a meticulous checking method that guarantees 99.99% reporting accuracy.

  • Online Accounting

    Make your accounting processes online with us and cut your physical limits of business operations and enable faster decision making. Our e-Accounting processes open wide possibilities for organizations to enhance their business processes on real-time.

    We use best accounting software, like QuickBooks, Peachtree, Sage, SAP and many more to deliver consistent and daily-basis financial reporting services.

  • Payroll Accounting

    Salary computation, especially in large organizations with over 100 employees, could be the most fiscal business activity. Payroll management can be both resource exhausting and cost intensive.

    But with our fully-customizable payroll accounting services, we try to guard you from all hassles and let you focus on crucial business functions.

    Our payroll accounting services include: salary statements, payroll calculations, tax filings, bonus calculations, holiday/sick pay accruals, advance payments, loans, medical bills, gratuity, grants and payroll management reports.

    We are one of the leading Accounting Outsourcing Companies, who also sync financial reports and payroll accounting reports to analyse the overall financial health of business.

  • Tax Accounting

    We aim to streamline your tax accounting, tax filing and financial reporting process – a growing need after increased governmental scrutiny, laws and tax disclosures.

    You need to hire experienced and dedicated tax consultants for this challenging job of tax accounting. Hiring in-house team can be an extremely costly affair. However, outsourcing tax accounting services to us can help you manage your accounting needs at competitive rates. Our tax accounting services feature:

    • Regular tax accounting and filing
    • Instant access to fiscal information and all other tax reports
    • Seamless coordination between other financial system and tax accounting
    • Making appropriate changes according to fluctuating tax regulations upgrades
  • Forensic Accounting

    Our diligent and multidisciplinary forensic accounting team is capable to detect and eliminate frauds and other accounting irregularities and also devise practices to prevent further mishaps. Forensic accounting services feature:

    • Verifying books of accounts authenticity
    • Reviewing allegations and participating in anti-corruption inquiries
    • Verifying electronic information
    • Analysing hidden patterns of fraudulent activities
    • Leading special screening of facts
    • Arranging special financial investigations
    • Conducting accounting compliance assessments

Why Should You Outsource Your Accounting Services to G2 BOOKKEEPING?

When you partner with us for your accounting and financial needs, you get:

Flexibility: Get to choose the financial software you want to deploy. Get to choose the services you want to combine in a package.

Best Infrastructure: Enjoy state-of-the-art technology and best infrastructure without additional investment.

Economical: Cost effective rates, and customisable packages.

High-end Security and Confidentiality: Services deployed using secure FTP server and encrypted e-mails for documents download/upload

20+ Years of Domain Experience: Work with veterans and trained resources.

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