We Focus on Helping Organizations to Make Smarter Decisions by Making Financial Data Analysis Automated

We are one of the preferred companies for Finance and Accounts Outsourcing in the global market. It’s because beyond the leverage of lower investment cost, at G2 BOOKKEEPING lies a talent pool of qualified, enthusiast and highly proactive Financial Analysts with expertise in every sphere of finance and industrial domains.

Financial Analysis and Planning is one of the important elements of organizational accounting and finance management, which systematically analyses and integrates the stored information within the financial system with other critical data sources across an organization. Outsourcing intensive financial resource operations, such as financial auditing, payroll processing, 米乐体育m6官网, taxation and credit management to a two decade experienced third-party will only ensure better management of core business activities, increased productivity, lower cost and better allocation of resources.

Don’t Struggle Any More, Strengthen Your Financial Resources – Call Us and Reap Instant Benefits

If your organization is struggling in the finance management area and is looking for a budget friendly solution, connect with G2 BOOKKEEPING today and get access to finest financial analysis services and solutions. All it will take is one moment to call us to figure out the cost advantages of outsourcing services.

Unparalleled and Unremitting Financial Services at Your Disposal

When we talk about services, we take pride to announce that we offer a host of highly efficient services that can create a vast difference in the way an organization operates. We also know that one type of service cannot cater all needs of varying businesses. Henceforth, G2 BOOKKEEPING takes measures to ensure that each client of ours receives customised financial analysis solutions, based upon their budget, business requirements and interest. Our cumulative services include:

  • Extensive financial analysis and market research
  • Financial statements for corporates, small and mid-sized business
  • Financial statement analysis report generation – monthly, quarterly and annually
  • Portfolio structure analysis and reporting
  • Prospectus analysis & reporting
  • Offer and negotiation documents analysis & reporting
  • Competitor and fact book analysis & reporting
  • Ad-hoc reporting based on market and trend analysis
  • Database creation and maintenance
  • Financial library maintenance
  • Systemised report presentations on financial results and EHS compliance for audit committees and board of directors
  • Other financial analysis, such as break-even, NPV, IRR and ratio analysis

Don’t Doubt Our Calibre – Know the Benefits of Outsourcing Financial Analysis Services

Here are the top 6 reasons why should you outsource your financial analysis services

  1. Deal with Best Technology: Buying, implementing and maintaining best technology in your organization could be a very costly affair. Technology fee, support experts, training staffs and infrastructure are few resources you will be spending on. However, if you choose to outsource, you can get access to improved technology and readymade infrastructure with excellent staffs. This also means you can deploy processed data on a regular basis.
  2. More Accurate Interpretation: Businesses will benefit from precise, up-to-date and faster interpretation of financial data, which may not be the case in an organization with multiple operations. Outsourcing critical works, such as this, will enhance decision making abilities, which in return will improve organization’s financial health.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Outsourcing financial analysis services will ensure that you meet all the regulatory compliances set by the law and abide to transparent activities.
  4. Saves Cost: An in-house financial analysis team will cost you money in the following areas: buying resources, hiring staffs, building infrastructure, training experts, implementing strategies, evaluating performances and planning scopes for improvement. It seems you might as well be able to start another business with so much working. By outsourcing this, you will actually save around 30% – 50% of your investment cost, just like that.
  5. Scales Business Productivity: Cost reduction is not the only benefit that organizations reap from outsourcing; in fact outsourcing can transform your business by making you productive in your services and quality, beat competition easily and constantly innovate in your core business activities, in return help you to build a sustainable brand presence.
  6. Knowledge Efficiency: An in-house team may not always be accustomed to latest financial analysis methodologies or newly released regulatory practices and norms. But an expert service provider, like us, prospers to continuously value knowledge and technology enhancement in our chosen service field. This probably means you will never lag in knowledge management.

Why Should You Resort to G2 BOOKKEEPING Services?

G2 BOOKKEEPING has been dedicatedly offering finance and accounting solutions to many financial institutions, banks, fund managers, real estates, investors, broking houses and also to large individual corporations, globally, for more than two decade now. Apart from having a salient team of professionals to handle all your requirements, we also have an exclusive pricing model. Pricing is an important factor to consider and hence we give special attention to this so as to reduce your overall costs. For serving our clients better, G2 BOOKKEEPING constantly seek and hire most sought after chartered accountants and statisticians, technical analysts and data operators along with employment of state of the art financial management tools – an all-inclusive package that thrive to stay abreast with latest financial trends and business ethics.

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